Delta 18-900L Drill Press Review

Updated 03 Feb 2012
Delta 18-900LDelta 18-900L is one of the most widely recognized professional laser drill presses on the market with a long history of customer satisfaction. The high quality performance and overall precision the 18-900L are just two of the factors that have made the 18-900L one of the most popular drilling machines among professionals and casual users. The extended features such as the adjustable levers and options for changing its speed have led to glowing customer reviews. Learning about these two features, and the other popular Delta options, will help a consumer make an educated decision.

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Delta 18-900L Key Features


The 18-900L has several features that have made it extremely popular among those looking for a professional laser drill press. These features include:

  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Easy Speed Changing Options
  • Guide on Speed Change
  • LED Inductor Light
  • Provisions for Deeper Drilling
  • Adjustable Table
  • Broader Base

It is important to spend time researching these features before making a purchase.


Delta 18-900L with Heavy Duty Motor


Delta 18-900L drill press comes with a heavy duty induction motor. The powerful motor provides increased power to the equipment while it is in use, making it capable of completing a wide variety of personal or professional projects. Having a laser drill press with a strong motor will decrease your chances of ending up with a drill that will stop working after a few uses.


Easy Speed Changing Options


The ability to change the speed of the drill easily is one of the most popular features of the Delta 18-900L. The user is provided with as many as sixteen speed options allowing them to achieve maximum efficiency when completing a project. This feature utilizes the Auto Tensioning Belt Drive System which gives speed ranges from 170 to 3000 rotations per minute. The Tensioning Belt Drive System uses a pulley and lever system to adjust the tension, and speed, of the belts. With the multiple options users are able to complete projects require fast drilling, and projects that rely on precision drilling.


Guide on Speed Options


Working with the easy speed changing option, the guide on speed feature provides the Delta 18-900L users with a detailed chart that mentions the recommended speed for each sort of wood being used. Using the guide decreases your chances of making an error that could damage your wood or the laser drill press.


LED Indicator Light


The completely adjustable TWINLASER comes with a bright red LED light that can be focused on the point that requires drilling. Perhaps one of the most discussed features, the LED indicator makes precision drilling easier by increasing accuracy. First time laser drill owners have been able to complete tasks faster with less errors because of the LED indicator light.


Provisions for Deeper Drilling


Delta 18-900L has a unique feature called the Quill Stroke that lets users drill deeply. It can bore holes that are six times the depth of many comparable professional laser drill presses. The deeper drilling option makes the 18-900L perfect for users working with thick sheets pieces of wood.


Adjustable Table


delta 18-900l drill pressThe table bottom can bevel from 90 degrees left and right and tilt up to 48 degrees forward. Additionally, the laser drill press has a removable center insert and T-slot for clamping that is dedicated to the medium drilling. These adjustment options make it possible for users to perform drilling and woodworking much more efficiently. Users who have owned other laser drills stated that the adjustable table makes an enormous difference when working with large, difficult to maneuver, materials.


Broader Base


The broader base dimension of the 18-900L curbs the chances of accident. The table size of this drilling machine is 20 x 14, which promotes stability to when the laser drill press is in use. Having a broader base reduces the chances of the drill press toppling over when in use, or while it is being stored.

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What’s Included


  • 18 inch Drill Press
  • Oversized Table
  • Owner’s Manual


Does It Have a Warranty?


Yes, the Delta 18-900L comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor.


What Customers are Saying


Reviewing what customers have said about a product can help you decide whether or not any major purchase is the right choice for you. The Delta 18-900L has received a lot of positive reviews online, and most owners initially praise how easy it is to set up the drill press and begin using it. Most users were able to set up the laser drill press without any outside help.

Users were also impressed by how simple it was to adjust the speeds of the drill press. While this was a first drill press owned by many reviewers, those experienced woodworkers were pleased to own a drill press that only required a few seconds between speed changes. The ability to change speeds without manually adjusting belts allows users to finish their tasks without having to stop mid project to change speeds.


Are There Any Complaints?


Even though the Delta 18-900L drill press has its number of fans, there are some owners who had a few problems with the laser drill press when they initially got started. The size of the table was one thing that some users were not initially happy with. They felt it make completing woodwork more difficult rather than providing any additional safety. A few users even mentioned that they felt the table was “wobbly” creating problems when they attempted to complete a task.

Fortunately, after reading the owner’s manual users were able to prevent future problems. Improper adjustments to the table made it “wobble”, but after the table was adjusted and stabilized it was easier to use. Also, the larger table size came in handy when users grew more comfortable with the table and began using it work on large pieces of wood.


The Good and the Bad


Once you have learned what type of reviews are being written online about any product that you are interested in, it is important that you make a list of a products best features and those features that are not so good. Being able to quickly identify the pros and cons of a product will help you when you are considering any major purchase. The pros of the 18-900L Delta are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Set Up
  • Multiple Speed Options
  • Laser for Additional Precision
  • 5 Year Warranty


The cons of the 18-900L Delta are:

  • Can be Difficult to Adjust the Table
  • Large Table Not Always User Friendly


Final Thoughts


best drill pressEven with a few initially negative customer experiences, the 18-900L has received a great deal of acclaim from average users. Many people who have never owned a professional quality drill press before feel that this is the perfect drilling machine for those who are looking for the right laser drill press to add to their workshop. More importantly, in spite of its amazing extended features like speed control, LED lighting, and robust body; its easy to use operations make it superior to many comparable models that have more complicated features. Any shopper looking for a quality laser drill press that will last them for years should seriously consider the Delta 18-900L.

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