JET JDP-17MF Drill Press Review

JET JDP-17MFThe JET JDP-17MF drill press is a professional quality machine that has helped set industry standards. It is able to handle heavy duty work in a woodshop and produce professional quality results, but it gives the user the ability to adjust its speed and customize its applications according to individual’s preference. This industrial strength drilling device has been designed utilizing some of the most updated features that allow precision and accuracy in work along with the safety that is necessary when working with any large machinery. Even though the JPD-17MF has received some positive reviews online, it is important that any prospective buyer does their research prior to buying the machine.

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Key Features of the JET JDP-17MF


Like most professional drill press machines, the JDP-17MF has several key features that are promoted by manufacturers and praised by current owners. The features that potential buyers should research in depth are:

  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Specialized Drill
  • Motor Switch
  • Bright Light Socket
  • Pre-definable Depth
  • Easy to Change Table Height
  • Metal Belt and Pulley
  • Clamp in the Work Table

Learning about these features can increase your chances of buying the right drill press for your woodworking needs.


Heavy Duty Motor


The JET JDP-17MF is powered by a 3/4 HP, 3 Phase induction type motor. The motor is capable of running at 230 V sources as well as 115V outlet for which it has been prewired at 115V. The multiple outlet options make the drill press a good choice for individuals with older electrical wiring, and the strong motor makes it possible for users to keep their drill press running for long periods of time.


JET JDP-17MF Specialized Drill


The 16 spindle drill of the JET JDP-17MF gives the user the ability to select speed ranges from 200 to 3630 rpm with the push of a button. This enables the device to perform a wide variety of wood working applications. Users who want to complete small projects with children, or large projects for professional clients can all benefit from this drill press.


Motor Switch


The manufacturers of the JET JDP-17MF drill press took safety into consideration when designing this model. In order to provide additional safety, a motor switch is located on the front of the drill press. This motor switch can bring the motor to an instant halt as soon as the switch is pressed, so that the chances of accidents caused by a drill press that cannot be stopped are minimized.


Bright Light Socket


In addition to providing users with a way to stop the drill press immediately, the manufacturers of the JET JDP-17MF have included an additional safety feature designed to make working in dark areas possible by limiting danger. The drill press comes with a light socket that allows users to insert a light bulb so that their work room can remain illuminated avoiding the chance of accidents that are caused by dim lighting.


Pre-definable Depth


The JET JDP-17MF drill press comes with the ability to adjust drilling depth. This helps users who need to define the depth of hole required so that professional accuracy in work can be attained and consistency in work can be maintained throughout a project. The depth can be defined with the touch of a button allowing users to make adjustments mid-project if they realize their chosen depth is not adequate.


Easy to Change Table Height


The round table of the JET JDP-17MF can be lowered, raised or swiveled during work. Being able to adjust the table height allows multiple users to benefit from a drill press without being forced to work on a table that is too low or too high. Adjustments are easy and once the height is changed users can lock the table into place to ensure stability while they work.


Metal Belt and Pulley


Rapid speed change is important when working on a project since slowing down is sometimes necessary in order to maintain quality. However, some drill press models require manual speed changes making working with multiple speeds difficult. The metal belt and pulley cover comes in a hinged metal base that allows for rapid speed change during work, and provides easy access to the motor mount when manual adjustments or maintenance are necessary.


Clamp in the Worktable


The clamp in the worktable can be released quickly and reset according to preference so that the user does not have to spend much time adjusting wood. It is designed to accommodate wood pieces of varying thickness, allowing users to complete a variety of projects without being forced to operate the drill place and hold the wood in place. The clamp is easy to adjust, and remains stable when the drill press is in use.

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What’s Included


  • One JPD-17MF Drill Press
  • Drill Chuck
  • Drill Key
  • Owner’s Manual


Does it Have a Warranty?


Yes, the JET JPD-17MF comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor.


What Are Customers Saying?


The owners of any product have a favorite feature that makes them appreciate their purchase and recommend it to friends and family members. One of the most talked about features of the JET JDP-17MF drill press is the motor switch. Safety is a major concern when working with wood and large pieces of machinery, and the ability to turn the machine off quickly has helped users avoid woodworking disasters. Another feature that users appreciate is the socket for a work light. Owners of the machine have experienced problems working in a dark workroom in the past, and appreciated the manufacturer’s thoughtfulness in including a bright light socket.


Any Complaints?


As common with every consumer goods, the JET JDP-17MF has its share of user complaints. However, it has fewer complaints than many comparable models. One of the only common complaints is that the drill press can become extremely noisy, and occasionally vibrate, when used repeatedly. The problem is rare, but has been experienced by more than one user. A few owners have mentioned that the problem is caused by incorrect set up, or attempting to work pieces of wood that weigh almost as much as the 178 pound drill press.


The Good and the Bad


Understanding the good and bad features of the JDP-17MF drill press can help you if you are working to narrow down your drill press options. The best features of the JDP-17MF are:

  • Bright Light Socket
  • Adjustable Table
  • Motor Switch
  • Pre-definable Depth Options
  • Easy Set Up


The bad features of the drill press are:

  • Loud Noise When in Use
  • Bulb for Light Socket Not Included


Final Thoughts


Even though the JDP-17MF has had some negative feedback, it has established a strong fan base among professional and casual woodworkers. One of the reasons the model is so popular is because of its highly advanced safety features, high standard of performance and functions, and multiple customizable features that make it easy to use by people of all skill levels. More importantly, the drill press is easy to assemble and install making the JET JDP-17MF one option for those looking for a well-reviewed drill press machine.

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